About the Series

We all lose our way sometimes. We get tangled in the lines of the roadmap, unable to find our way back to the straight path. How can we navigate through the sins that hold us back, and run back to Allah as eagerly as He runs to us?

It all starts with turning on our headlights, seeing the roadblocks that sins create in our path, and driving with more awareness up the perilous road.

Join Sh. Yahya Ibrahim to uncover the dangers of common transgressions, and learn what signs to follow to steer your way back to Allah.  


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Sh. Yahya Ibrahim
Guest Contributor

About the Presenter

Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim started his knowledge journey with the memorization of Qur’ān in his teens and then pursued his studies in exegesis, jurisprudence, and hadith with scholars from the Hijaz and in Egypt as well. Imam Yahya is a registered Teacher and currently an Assistant Principal. He also serves the Muslim community at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia as the Islamic Chaplain and teaches Islamic Ethics & Theology & Exegesis for Al-Maghrib Institute.